Memphis coach JB Bickerstaff

Memphis coach JB Bickerstaff

The Woj Pod - November 30, 2018

Memphis Grizzlies coach JB Bickerstaff joins The Woj Pod to discuss the revival of Grit-‘n-Grind, watching Marc Gasol and Mike Conley work every day, the emergence of rookie Jaren Jackson, the burden of the interim coaching tag, why he considered a move college basketball, the internal fight that a coach deals with to stay true to his principles and more. 0:37: Doc Rivers getting the most out of the Clippers, and Montrezl Harrell’s breakout start to the season. 2:12: The lack of separation between teams early in the season. 3:41: The difference between being an interim head coach and having the job full time. 5:25: Why the Grizzlies have been able to bounce back after being in the lottery last season. 7:00: The value of Jaren Jackson Jr. getting to play alongside veteran players on a good team. 8:56: The Grizzlies doubling down on their Grit-N-Grind identity. 14:24: Veteran leadership being essential to set the tone in a locker room. 16:45: How shorter contracts impact team chemistry. 18:28: The advantages of playing differently than the rest of the league. 19:58: Did Bickerstaff wonder if he would get another head-coaching opportunity after his interim stint in Houston. 21:48: Bickerstaff’s thought on the benefits of coaching in college and how he could have helped the players grow as people. 29:57: What he learned about coaching from his parents. 31:19: The advantages of growing up around the league. 33:42: Bickerstaff’s coaching principles that he won’t compromise. 35:03: The importance of building relationships with players, and how he’s bonding with Marc Gasol. 40:40: The partnership between Mike Conley Jr. and Gasol. 42:27: Deciding how much to practice during the season.

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