Mike D'Antoni joins The Vertical Podcast

Mike D'Antoni joins The Vertical Podcast

The Woj Pod - July 12, 2016

Houston Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni joined Adrian Wojnarowski on The Vertical Podcast. D’Antoni goes deep on how he’s using his imagination to maximize James Harden’s talents, what he’s learned is most important in coaching the modern NBA superstar and how the Knicks and Lakers experiences will shape his time with the Rockets. D’Antoni discusses what went wrong with the Knicks and why he ultimately quit the job. D’Antoni goes deep into the Seven Seconds or Less success with the Suns, the emergence of Steve Nash as an MVP and whether he regrets leaving him for New York. D’Antoni talks about his college years at Marshall University, the tragedy that football plan crashed that shaped him and the community and how close he came to accepting the school’s coaching job and returning to his alma mater. D’Antoni talks about failing in the NBA as a player, his rebirth in Europe as coach and the impact of Jerry West as a kid growing up in West Virginia. Here are some key moments: 0:58: Duncan’s retirement and the year D’Antoni spent with the Spurs. 4:33: How D’Antoni’s Suns prepared to face Duncan in the playoffs. 5:57: A revealing story about Duncan’s leadership behind the scenes. 7:22: The motivation behind D’Antoni’s return to the NBA as an assistant with the 76ers. 10:12: D’Antoni’s hopes and plans for his partnership with Harden. 13:56: Lessons learned from working with star players after leaving the Suns. 17:38: How much resentment did Knicks teammates have during Jeremy Lin’s breakout stretch in 2012? 21:28: The origins of the Seven Seconds or Less offense in Phoenix. 26:56: D’Antoni’s wavering confidence as a player before going to Italy. 29:04: The start of his head-coaching career in Italy, featuring Bob McAdoo and Darryl Dawkins. 33:54: Growing up in West Virginia and admiring Jerry West. 36:15: Attending Marshall when the football team’s plane crashed. 40:18: Nearly accepting the Marshall head-coaching job before his brother was hired. 41:54: The end of his tenure in Phoenix. 45:40: D’Antoni’s negotiations with the Bulls before taking over the Knicks. 48:29: His goals with the Rockets.

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