Brooklyn Nets’ Jared Dudley

Brooklyn Nets’ Jared Dudley

The Woj Pod - July 26, 2018

Brooklyn Nets forward Jared Dudley returns to The Woj Pod to discuss his move back to the Eastern Conference, what NBA superstars want in free agency, why referee-players relations are so poor, and much, much more. 1:04: The trade to the Nets giving Dudley a chance to get playing time again after the Suns went young last season. 3:32: Not being interested in giving up money in a buyout from the Suns. 4:37: The importance of veteran mentorship. 6:17: Fans wanting teams to bottom out for high draft picks. 8:35: How players being willing to take less money hurts smaller market teams. 12:58: Star players being more willing to change teams via free agency or by forcing a trade. 14:29: Players recruiting during the season and how common tampering is across the league. 15:39: Players being more aware of a franchise’s reputation from the coaching staff to the front office. 18:22: Star players having significant power and influence on the league in ways NFL players don’t. 21:00: The lasting impact of the NBPA rejecting the league’s cap smoothing proposal. 23:42: Teams not showing restraint with their cap space in 2016 and 2017. 26:53: The tremendous talent imbalance between the East and West. 29:11: Do players believe the league pushes for certain things to happen behind the scenes? 30:08: The relationship between players and refs being at an all-time low. 32:06: New refs not knowing how to interact with players.

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