The Vertical's Michael Lee joins Woj on the NBA Playoffs

The Vertical's Michael Lee joins Woj on the NBA Playoffs

The Woj Pod - May 3, 2017

Michael Lee of The Vertical joins The Vertical Podcast with Woj for an NBA playoffs edition. Michael and Woj breakdown the series’, including the epic Isaiah Thomas-John Wall matchup, the Warriors without Steve Kerr, how LeBron James’ breaks the spirit of Eastern Conference teams and Michael Lee’s historic role in introducing Soulja Boy and Jay Z into the old Cavaliers-Wizards rivalry. All that and a lot more on the Vertical Podcast with Woj. 2:38: The Isaiah Thomas/John Wall matchup and Lee’s history covering Wall and the Wizards. 5:18: The mutual respect between Thomas and Wall. 10:37: Lee on covering the Wizards/Cavs series that included the Deshawn Stevenson/LeBron James beef and a Jay-Z diss record. 16:40: Thomas’ unprecedented rise from being the 60th pick to a superstar. 20:56: Thomas’ ability to focus on the game following the death of his sister. 25:46: LaMarcus Aldridge’s up and down play during his two postseasons with the Spurs. 34:53: How Aldridge fits in the Spurs culture. 38:46: The Raptors struggling on the road against the Cavs for the second straight postseason. 41:32: LeBron James’ pursuit of a seventh straight trip to the NBA Finals. 44:31: Steve Kerr’s uncertain future and how it could impact the Warriors. 47:47: How Kerr’s experience as a player with the Bulls helps the Warriors avoid distractions. 53:06: The Rockets far exceeding external expectations this season.

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