Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey

Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey

The Woj Pod - August 17, 2017

Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey joins The Woj Pod to discuss James Harden, Chris Paul, the Rockets ownership sale, risk-taking as a GM, NBA awards, and much more. 1:12: The sale of the Rockets and Morey’s gratitude to Leslie Alexander. 2:57: The traits of a successful NBA owner, including holding front offices accountable. 6:40: The most important decision of Morey’s tenure with Alexander. 8:47: His philosophy on accumulating assets to acquire a star player. 10:48: James Harden immediately proving to be an All-Star caliber player in his first game with the Rockets. 12:25: Harden’s recruitment of Chris Paul. 13:56: How Paul’s opt-in deadline facilitated his trade to Houston. 18:40: Has increased media coverage and criticism made it harder to get trades done? 22:08: Houston’s success in adding star players in free agency. 25:06: How much time does Morey think about ways to compete with the Warriors? 27:30: The Rockets not having the option of waiting out Golden State. 30:56: The role of the media in determining some player contracts through All-NBA voting. 33:57: Adding Paul to decrease Harden’s playmaking burden. 33:25: The Western Conference almost being a different league than the East.

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