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PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman - 5/26/15

PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman - 5/26/15

The Moment with Brian Koppelman - May 26, 2015 - 1:15:06

PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, the hosts of Reply All, discuss their creative partnership and their meteoric rise from WNYC to Gimlet. They also discuss their own worries for the show, the collective work it takes to put out an episode, and finding the sweet spot to maintain their outsider status as they become a part of the mainstream podcasting culture. And just how much hand holding in storytelling is too much hand holding? Brian talks about what it feels like to get De Blasio’d on an episode of Reply All. Topics this week: Reply All Gimlet The Hold Steady – Lord I’m Discouraged Siskel & Ebert uncensored Life Itself - A film based on Roger Ebert’s memoir Favor Atender – Reply All episode This American Life TLDR This Proves Everything – Reply All episode Ask Leah – TLDR episode On The Media The Moment’s interview with Jessi Klein (12/30/14) 99% Invisible Late Show with David Letterman The Moment’s interview with Alex Blumberg(10/14/14) Death Sex and Money Radiotopia Maximum Fun Exit & Return Part I – Reply All episode Exit & Return Part II – Reply All episode Of Birds and Boundaries – Love and Radio episode People this week: PJ Vogt Alex Goldman Craig Finn Tad Kubler Mayor Bill De Blasio (The 109th Mayor of New York City) Alex Blumberg Adam Carolla Anna Sale Email: Twitter: @briankoppelman Rate us on iTunes: This episode of The Moment is sponsored by Quickbooks Self Employed. Visit for your free 30 day trial. And by Buy and print official U.S. postage using your own computer and printer, and save up to 80 percent compared with a postage meter. Sign up for a no-risk trial and a $110 bonus offer when you visit and use the promo code MOMENT.

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