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“The Strasburg Sediment”

“The Strasburg Sediment”

The Tony Kornheiser Show - August 3, 2022 - 1:04:29

Tony opens the show by talking about Juan Soto being traded to San Diego and its impact on the DC fan base, and he also talks about the passing of Vin Scully, and about a great golf shot by The Socialite. Bob Ryan calls in to talk about Vin Scully, and to share his memories of Bill Russell, Richard Justice calls in to talk some more about Vin Scully, and also about the Soto trade and what it means for the Nats, and Tony closes out the show by opening up the Mailbag.Songs : Billy Coulter “Haven’t You Fallen In Love With Me Yet?” ; Jon Carroll “(You Gotta) STAND UP!”

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