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Best-selling sports author and noted Trump antagonist, Molly Knight, gives listeners a humorous, informative, and cathartic space to deal with all the ways in which Donald Trump is wreaking havoc on their lives. It will feature guests ranging from celebrities, to physicians, to professional athletes, to Molly’s next door neighbors. Molly promises to provide a platform for rational human beings to laugh until they cry, and cry until they laugh, until Trump and Pence are out of the White House. Each episode will do a quick review of the terrible things the president did in the previous seven days, and focus on a specific topic personal to the guest. Such topics will include what it's like to be gay in the age of Trump, what it's like to be a parent in the age of Trump, what it's like to be a pro athlete in the age of Trump, and how to handle insomnia, depression, anxiety, and sudden nihilistic urges. There are many political podcasts that review the news and talk to policy wonks. This podcast will delve into how this administration is affecting our everyday lives in ways we might not yet understand, and serve as a place to primal scream as we re-build the strength necessary to take our country back from the lunatic in charge.

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Molly Knight
Molly Knight

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