Episode 3: Waterboarding Pledges Might Be Our Fault

Episode 3: Waterboarding Pledges Might Be Our Fault

The Inside TFM Podcast - March 3, 2016

Dan Regester joins Rob Fox and Jared Borislow to talk about frat chaos at Miami, the worst things to do hungover, porn analytics, and of course, "The Dumb Drunk Thing of the Week." The Inside TFM Podcast is a weekly conversation about America's college culture, and jokes about doing stupid stuff while hammered.

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Episode 2: College Protesters Are Failing At Life

February 25, 2016
The guys discuss bringing an adult film star to a fraternity formal, their dream golf four-some, protesters failing out of classes at...

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Episode 4: The Spring Break Special

March 10, 2016
Rob, Boosh, and Jake discuss the TFM Spring Break Cruise, tequila party safe-zones, and an epic Dumb Drunk Thing of the Week.

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