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How Dangerous Is Our Drinking Water?

How Dangerous Is Our Drinking Water?

The goop Podcast - February 6, 2020 - 45:55

The good news, says New York Times–bestselling author Seth M. Siegel, is that we know how to fix our water systems and we can afford to do it. The bad news is there’s a lot wrong with the water we’re drinking right now: We still use the same water technologies that were put in place a century ago. Lead contamination in water pipes is still affecting the majority of our water lines. Remnants of medicines and pills can make their way into our water. To fix a problem, we have to know there is a problem. But information on the safety of our water, and water testing, is kept from the general public. And parallel solutions like bottled plastic water tend to cause more harm. According to Siegel, we have both the capital and the technology to save our water for good—we just need to demand change. Head to Siegel’s website to get involved and if you’re in Los Angeles, come see him at goop Lab the evening of February 26. (For more, see The goop Podcast hub.)

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