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Why We Need to See Health at Every Size

Why We Need to See Health at Every Size

The goop Podcast - May 25, 2021 - 58:40

“Social inequity is probably the biggest driver of health,” says Lindo Bacon, PhD, author of Health at Every Size, Body Respect, and Radical Belonging. “And if we don’t address the social determinants of health, then we end up blaming the individuals and putting the onus on them when that’s so false and it’s shaming of people.” Bacon is a nutritionist, researcher, and an intersectional body liberation advocate. Today, Bacon joins co-host Erica Chidi to examine the relationship between health and weight, how healthcare practitioners can move beyond weight loss as a solution, and why radical belonging, equity, and connection are matters of personal and public health. “Self-love is a beautiful thing, but no matter how much you love yourself, when you go into a culture that doesn’t treat you well, it’s going to be hard to feel good about yourself,” says Lindo.

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