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How to Set Boundaries

How to Set Boundaries

The goop Podcast - August 23, 2022 - 29:12

Nedra Glover Tawwab is a licensed therapist and the New York Times-bestselling author of Set Boundaries, Find Peace: A Guide to Reclaiming Yourself. She joins Erica Chidi to discuss the importance of maintaining boundaries, how to get comfortable advocating for yourself, and strategies for setting boundaries with our families. “The boundary is the space for you to stand up for yourself, assert your needs, and speak your values to the other people in your life,” says Tawwab. (In case you missed it: GP shared her latest skin care secret at the end of the episode. Head here to take 15 percent off our new Sleep Milk—and more goop beauty products—using code SLEEPMILK15. Valid August 9 through September 9, 2022. Full terms and conditions available here.)

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