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Owning Our Awkwardness

Owning Our Awkwardness

The goop Podcast - February 18, 2020 - 38:17

“Why do I have to be super sweet to get something done?” asks Issa Rae. The actor, writer, and producer of Insecure joins Elise Loehnen to talk about owning our power as women. Rae admits that she used to avoid speaking up—but now recognizes how important it is to use her voice to make change. She is honest about how much power she feels she has in our current culture and the progress we still need to make. Rae shares her passion for telling stories and her goal to “stay grounded and relatable.” Rae and Loehnen talk about insecurities and being awkward—and what that even means and how it affects us. (After you listen, be sure to see Rae’s newest project, The Photograph, in theaters now. And for more info, head to The goop Podcast hub.)

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