The Edge: Houston Astros

Ep 2: Stargazers

Ep 2: Stargazers

The Edge: Houston Astros - October 7, 2020 - 48:56

Houston’s first great sports innovator was named Judge Roy Hofheinz. He brought the Astros to town in the 1960s with the promise of what would become known as the Eighth Wonder of the World: the Astrodome, the first ever domed stadium. But there was one thing the Judge couldn’t build: a championship team. That task fell to Hofheinz’s modern successor, Jeff Luhnow, who applied the disruptive, data-driven techniques he’d learned in the business and tech worlds… with controversial results.

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Season One of The Edge is a six-part documentary podcast, presented by Cadence13 and Prologue Projects, following best-selling Astroball author Ben Reiter as he investigates the cheating scandal that tarnished the Houston Astros’ World Series 2017 win. Through original interviews with key figures in the scandal, Reiter gets to the bottom of what happened, who’s to blame, and why the scandal enraged the sports world more than any other in recent memory. He also answers the biggest question of all: What drove the most forward-thinking organization in the history of sports not just to the edge … but over it?