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Bonus: Wednesday Q&A Session Live at North Wilkesboro

Bonus: Wednesday Q&A Session Live at North Wilkesboro

The Dale Jr. Download - September 2, 2022 - 1:27:08

On today’s episode of the Dale Jr. Download, we have a special bonus episode live from North Wilkesboro Speedway. On Wednesday, August 31st, Dale Jr. hosted a Q&A session with 7 late model drivers. Brandon Pierce (3:30)Hayden Swank (16:46)Kaden Honeycutt (23:41)Carter Langley (33:00)Dylon Wilson (41:!5)Stefan Parsons (52:28)Katie Hettinger (1:06:24)Brandon Pierce just sounds like a race car driver's name, doesn’t it? Maybe that’s why one of the greatest late model drivers of all time, Lee Pulliam tabbed Pierce to drive for him. Pierce and Dale Jr. talk about turning their first laps at North Wilkesboro and how they plan to set their cars up for the race. Plus Brandon lays a friendly wager on Dale…and Dale does him one better.Hayden Swank is from Woodstock, GA. To some racing fans is relatively unknown but you better start paying attention. Swank grew up racing with up-and-coming Truck Series winners, Corey Heim and Chandler Smith. Kaden Honeycutt is from Texas but many fans in North Carolina may know him as the occasional from in the NASCAR Truck Series for On Point Motorsports. Kaden’s dream is to move up the ladder and race in the Cup Series no matter what car it is. His passion is racing but his hidden talent is that he can get Dale to spill the beans on his future racing plans. Carter Langley is a newcomer to the CARS Tour. He grew up racing Go-Karts for Elliott and Hermie Sadler and is a true late model historian. He and Dale talked about all the old-school local track heroes and how they’re still idolized today. Plus Carter shares his future aspirations if driving doesn’t pan out. Dylon Wilson is Landon Huffman’s, right-hand man. Well in the content game that is. Wilson has a knack for content as well and his personality makes it natural for him. Wilson’s family roots are deep at North Wilkesboro Speedway, his great grandfather helped build the place. Dylon jokes he’s probably ridden more laps around this place on a bicycle than anyone. He had lived outside turn 3 for most of his life. Stefan Parsons is a name most of you will recognize. His Dad is Phil Parson and his uncle is Benny Parsons. Stefon and Dale talk about that upbringing as Phil’s son and trying to follow the footsteps his dad and uncle carved out. Plus Stefon shares a story of a short track fight Phil got into during one of Stefon’s races.Katie Hettinger was the last driver to take the stage but she was certainly not the least. In fact, she’s the winningest female driver in Hickory Motor Speedway history. Katie is still in high school where she is on the varsity volleyball and basketball…in Michigan. That’s right she and her family travel from Michigan every weekend to compete in the southeast. She’s a name to watch in the next coming years for sure.

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