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379 - Earnhardt Stories: Horses, Hunts and Hangovers

379 - Earnhardt Stories: Horses, Hunts and Hangovers

The Dale Jr. Download - April 26, 2022 - 1:35:20

On this edition of The Dale Jr. Download, Dale Jr., co-host Mike Davis and special guests take a look back at some of the best Earnhardt stories of all-time.We reach far into the way-back machine to a couch discussion with NASCAR Hall of Famer Terry Labonte. Labonte was on the receiving end of one of the more famous shots from the front bumper of The Intimidator's No, 3 car at Bristol Motor Speedway. Just how did "Texas Terry" balance the awkwardness of being hunting buddies and fierce competitors during the peak of both of their careers. Dale Jr. and great friend Hank Parker Jr. talk about the relationship their father's had and how it helped their's blossom. It leads the table to learn of one of the funniest Dale Earnhardt hunting stories of all time! Dale Earnhardt's long-time car owner and great friend Richard Childress shares intimate details of a hunting trip that resulted in near tragedy. How did a campfire promise made on the trip keep Richard Childress racing after the death of Dale Earnhardt in 2001?Last but not least, one of the most popular guests on The Download, the legendary Ken Schrader, shares the story of all stories. Dale Jr. calls it "The Trip," and boy was it a trip! When you mix a teenage Dale Jr. with dirt track veteran Ken Schrader, and add in nudie magazines, beer, hitchhiking and a strip club, you get quite the damn story. It's a trip that drew the ire of "Dad" Earnhardt. As for Schrader? He ultimately paid the price.OPEN SEGMENTBefore reminiscing on Earnhardt stories, Mike and Dale discuss something that has been on their minds leading up to the up-coming NASCAR Throwback Weekend at Darlington Raceway. The two friends share their real feelings about what has become a cherished part of the NASCAR season, what it may look like, and how the entire industry should approach it.ASKJR presented by Xfinity Hannah Newhouse brings fan questions to the table of truth. Who on the Dirty Mo Media team have habits that annoy me. It gets super-honest and hilarious. The Adam Petty shoes Dale showed on MTV Cribs back in the day. Racecar numbers slanting forward or backwards? Designing a racetrack from scratch. Plenty of time to pick on producer Matthew Dillner

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