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277 - Bubba Wallace: The Battle Within

277 - Bubba Wallace: The Battle Within

The Dale Jr. Download - October 8, 2019 - 1:59:54

In a powerful interview, Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets Bubba Wallace to open up about how the young driver handles conflict and his brave decision to come forward about battling depression. The two discuss dark days, the battles of a young career and family issues that have helped mold Bubba into the 'wear it on his sleeves' emotional person he is today. They talk about their love for Late Model Stocks, why he was so pissed at Alex Bowman, the lone regret he has about the "water bottle massacre" at Charlotte and much more. Dale Jr. proudly welcomes his Late Model driver Josh Berry to the show for a celebratory chat about winning the prestigious Martinsville grandfather clock. DJD speaks about North Wilkesboro progress, Halloween costumes and the mysterious tale of Talladega sabotage.

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