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365 - Austin Dillon & Eric Warren: Chevy Next Gen 101

365 - Austin Dillon & Eric Warren: Chevy Next Gen 101

The Dale Jr. Download - November 10, 2021 - 2:11:24

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mike Davis sit down with NASCAR driver Austin Dillon and Dr. Eric Warren, Director of NASCAR Programs for Chevrolet, for a candid discussion about the NASCAR Next Gen car that is set to launch in 2022.This new racecar marks the beginning of a new era in NASCAR. With the new chassis comes a pile of questions, uncertainty, fear, and doubt. Earnhardt and Davis waste no time addressing the big topics of concern about the newly designed chassis. Warren, who spearheaded much of Chevrolet's involvement in the development of the Next Gen car, brings us inside the decisions and the intricate details from development to production of this state-of-the-art machine. Dillon, well, he's been behind the wheel of the Next Gen in test sessions. He brings a unique perspective from the driver's seat of the new-age stock car.Speaking of stock... this thing sure looks stock! Chevrolet and Richard Childress Racing brought one of the sleek Next Gen cars to the Studio so the gang could see it first hand. Warren and Earnhardt discuss the importance of the design and the street look of this Camaro racer.The testing of the Next Gen car hasn't been 100-percent smooth. A crash by William Byron early in testing helped the design team learn about the behavior of the new design. What happened during the wreck and how did the car react to the heavy impact? Is the racecar too rigid? Warren addresses the rumor mill surrounding the Talladega crash test and talks about the changes in development that are designed to lessen the impact on the driver.Dale Jr. tested the NASCAR Next Gen car at North Carolina's Bowman Gray Stadium. He shares his experience with Dillon and the two bring their thoughts from the cockpit to the table. Is the steering lock an issue? What is it like to drive with a sequential shifter? What about the limited split differential? And are their legitimate concerns of extreme cockpit temperatures, that at one test session reached a sweltering 170 degrees, an issue that is being resolved? Dillon also gives Dale Jr. first-hand accounts of how the Next Gen car will perform in the draft at the Superspeedways.No questions were left off the table, including a curious inquiry by Dale Jr about a possible Hybrid future in NASCAR competition.Before our guests arrived, the DJD gang breaks down the finale at Phoenix. Was Daniel Hemric's walk-off title-winning first career win possibly his last? How powerful was the emotion of Kyle Larson's victory lap? We also learn that Dale Jr has an affinity for things from the '80s. Well Duh? He details his stay in a popular Phoenix-area hotel and the rockin' sunset that made him feel so warm and fuzzy.In AskJr presented by Xfinity, Dale Jr. discusses Speedway Motorsports Incorporated's purchase of Dover Motorsports Inc and what it could mean for Dover and Nashville. We also talk about Carolina Panthers' player Jeremy Chinn's Dale Jr. tribute, Dale's role in the movie Cars, and what he really thinks about the NASCAR playoff format.

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