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341 – Kerry Earnhardt: Accepted or Rejected

341 – Kerry Earnhardt: Accepted or Rejected

The Dale Jr. Download - May 26, 2021 - 2:01:07

Dale Earnhardt Jr. welcomes his brother Kerry Earnhardt on for a long-awaited conversation at the table about Kerry’s childhood, meeting his father and living with Dale Jr.Along with co-host Mike Davis, the crew first discusses NASCAR’s inaugural weekend racing at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, and shares their opinions on racing in the rain. Hear what Dale Jr. thought about the lack of visibility the drivers faced, changes he’d like to see NASCAR make when racing in the rain and his reaction to what the drivers said afterwards.North Carolina’s governor announced a proposed plan to provide $10 million to Charlotte, Rockingham and North Wilkesboro speedways last week. Dale Jr. weighs in on his ideal vision for North Wilkesboro’s future, why it may have renewed purpose now and the shift in thinking on where NASCAR wants to race.Kerry Earnhardt then enters the studio and fills in the gaps about his childhood that Dale Jr. never knew. The eldest Earnhardt son details his family situation from a young age, when Dale Sr. left the picture and what life was like growing up with no knowledge of his other family. Hear how he found out about his Earnhardt side, how he met his grandmother and why it took so long to meet his dad in person.Learn how long it took Kerry to build up the courage to go out back of Mammaw’s house and greet his dad. Hear how the interaction went and what happened at the front door when Kerry went to see his dad and meet Dale and Kelley for the first time.Then Kerry details how his young adult life went, sharing about being too young when he first got married and had kids. He continued to grow closer to his Earnhardt side around the same time, eventually living with Dale Jr. in the doublewide trailer across from their dad’s shop. Find out what Dale did in the middle of the night that pissed Kerry off. Who caused the phone bill to be so damn high? They explain. When Kerry didn’t pay his share of a bill once, you won’t believe what Dale Jr. did and how Kerry responded. Stories about working together at the dealership start rolling next and we get both sides of the story about Dale Jr. getting fired. Plus, hear about their days racing street stocks and late models together. Find out how involved their dad was working on their cars and how much success they found on trackThen Kerry details how he ascended up the racing ranks quickly, going from Concord to Daytona. Hear the legendary story of what Kerry did at Daytona one time and how Dale Jr. was relieved of his spotting duties for his brother. Plus, a special story about Kerry’s Victory Lane celebration at Pocono.As Kerry then secured an opportunity to race at Dale Earnhardt Inc., find out how it all came shockingly crashing down the night of his father’s death. Find out what Kerry has been up to since moving on from his racing career, including details about the legal battle he faced trying to use the rights to his last name with his Earnhardt Outdoors brand. The guys then crack open some cold ones to end the show and promote the launch of Kerry’s new beer.In Ask Jr. Presented by Xfinity, Dale talks about convincing Mike Helton to run his 2014 Daytona 500 winning paint scheme and answers a question about how teams will cheat given the Next Gen car.

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