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384 - Jeremy Mayfield - Blackballed?

384 - Jeremy Mayfield - Blackballed?

The Dale Jr. Download - June 1, 2022 - 2:39:42

Jeremy Mayfield is still indefinitely suspended from NASCAR. Today he sits down with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mike Davis to share his story about the drug test that changed his NASCAR career, and life.The year was 2009, and Mayfield was a race-winner in NASCAR. May 1, 2009 he was called to perform a random drug test at Richmond Raceway. The test, and the result eight days later, would become one of the sport's biggest controversies of the era, and play out publicly and in the U.S. Court system. To this day, Mayfield denies any drug use. He contends that the positive test was a result of a combination of prescribed Adderall and over-the-counter Claritin-D. He was the first driver to trip a positive test under NASCAR's new substance abuse policy.Mayfield refused to play-ball and decided to fight America's largest motorsports sanctioning bodies. He not only contested the result, but questioned the head of NASCAR's drug lab, Aegis' Dr. David Black. The battle between NASCAR and Mayfield was all over the news and played out for years in the courts.Trouble seemed to follow Mayfield after the test and suspension. There was a July drug test in 2009 that resulted in a lengthy delay between the time of the call to test and Mayfield reporting. The Kentucky native opens up about what his lawyers were telling him to do and why the delay happened. That test, by NASCAR's lab, showed positive for high levels of methamphetamines. Mayfield says his independent tests, taken just hours later, showed no trace of the drug.In 2011, Mayfield's personal shop and house were the subject of a warrant and a raid by law enforcement. He details what happened from his vantage point when the SWAT teams arrived with machine guns and broke down the doors of his home. The raid resulted in a string of felony charges for stolen items and a charge for possession of meth. Mayfield denies the meth that was found and tells his take on the baggie they discovered in his safe.Mayfield still believes that all of the drug tests that tested positive were false or were a part of a greater conspiracy. He claims that a personal feud with NASCAR's Brian France was the root of much of his troubles.Now, this might not be "the' story, but it is "his" story. The Download gives the former racer a chance to share his account of the fascinating story..DIRTY AIRBefore Jeremy came to the table, the DJD crew talks about: The World 600 and why it shouldn't be named anything else. Chase Briscoe's Hail Mary full of crash. The new Dirty Mo Media podcast, Speed Street, with Indycar driver Conor Daly and Joey Mulinaro. ASKJR Presented by XfinityHannah Newhouse brings it with fan questions from Twitter and the live YouTube chat. The Snake Pit at the Indy 500. Dale's anxiety of having two aggressive JR Motorsports driver gunning for a win. The Roval wouldn't be here if the racing was as good as the 600 a few years ago. Dale going to a World of Outlaws race?

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