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383 - Denny Hamlin: Zero F's Given

383 - Denny Hamlin: Zero F's Given

The Dale Jr. Download - May 24, 2022 - 2:13:60

He's a NASCAR winner. He co-owns a race team with Michael Jordan. He's not afraid to tell it like it is. Denny Hamlin joins Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mike Davis at the table for a bold and honest conversation about the sport.Hamlin comes in "full send" mode with his takes on the sport and the direction it is headed. His unique perspective, as a current competitor and car owner, gives him an even bigger voice at the table. Boy, does he use it! While he is candid about what he feels isn't right, he points out that his intentions are to make the sport better. Sometimes Denny's presence and opinions on social platforms and in the media have created controversy, but his voice has become one of a leader in the garage. Hamlin opens up about the conversations he's had with NASCAR CEO Jim France about the potential expansion of his team, 23XI Racing, and how they are on hold until further notice. Denny talks about what he needs to see before he and MJ take the two-car operation to the next level.Hamlin lets us in to how he feels about the business model of NASCAR between drivers, tv partners, teams and tracks. He says that the pie is big enough, but it needs to be divided differently. The veteran NASCAR driver pulls no punches in expressing what he believes needs to happen. Hamlin and Earnhardt discuss the state of the charter system in the sport and the pros and cons of starting a team in the Cup Series. If the sport expands to a higher number of charters, how much should a new team pay?Fresh off his second-place run at the NASCAR All-Star Race, Hamlin shares his disappointment in the controversial yellow flag and Ryan Blaney's window net issue. Plus, did his post race comments and use of the "F" word get him in hot water? Denny also explains what he thinks about the All Star Race as a whole and how the event, and other aspects of the sport, have become diluted.Dale Jr. asks Denny, who currently races the FedEx #11 for Joe Gibbs Racing in the NASCAR Cup Series, if he would drive for his own team someday. Earnhardt also gets Hamlin’s insight into the current dynamic at JGR with four full-time drivers, contract questions, and the emerging talent of Ty Gibbs waiting in the wings. What's gonna give? Denny also talks about his exit plan from behind the wheel of a racecar and what that will look like..After struggling for a good chunk of 2022, Hamlin has reached victory lane. The season though, has only resulted in two top-five finishes. Denny gives his take on the Next Gen car's performance and which issues need to be addressed. He talks about Bubba Wallace's performance and 23XI Racing’s big win in Kansas with veteran driver Kurt Busch.DIRTY AIRBefore Denny came to the table, Dale Jr., co-host Mike Davis, Hannah Newhouse and producer Matthew Dillner share some conversation about: The All Star Race and the controversial caution. The Window-net debacle and what should have been done. NASCAR owning one mistake but not the other. What should happen to the All Star Race in the future? Jimmie Johnson's run to the Indianapolis 500 has come with some big risks ASKJR presented by XfinityHannah Newhouse brings fan questions to the table about: Dale Jr.'s wildest appearances, including driving a tank and landing on an aircraft carrier. How Blaney handled the anxiety of the end of the All Star Race. Dale's childhood love for wrestling and how it was stifled in the Earnhardt homestead. Late Night drunken Waffle House orders

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