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390 - Dale Earnhardt Jr. & Friends: Bad Blood & Rivalries

390 - Dale Earnhardt Jr. & Friends: Bad Blood & Rivalries

The Dale Jr. Download - July 19, 2022 - 2:26:44

The success of sports is often built on rivalries. Auto Racing is no different. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and co-host Mike Davis bring their favorite rivalries from the table of truth to this special episode.In the late 90's the NASCAR Xfinity Series was a hotbed for talent but also a series full of hot tempers. One of the great rivalries of the era was between an out-spoken northern driver, Champion Randy Lajoie, and an aggressive Georgian named Buckshot Jones.Dale Earnhardt had several rivals throughout his storied career. Most foe were created by physical contact between two racecars. Dale's rivalry with Ricky Rudd was personal. Rudd reveals how their shattered friendship lead to some legendary on-track altercations.Ron Hornaday Jr. is still not over it. In a 2011 NASCAR Truck Series race at Texas Motor Speedway, he and Kyle Busch made contact on the track. Busch proceeded to wreck Hornaday under caution. NASCAR may have parked and suspended Busch for the actions, but it was Hornaday who suffered the most. The incident cost him a shot at the Championship. It's a wound that isn't fully healed to this day.Some rivals start as best friends. Some, under the same roof. Jeff Burton and Ward Burton open up about how their different personalities and upbringing, created bad blood between one of Virginia's most beloved NASCAR families.Rusty Wallace and Dale Earnhardt were great friends behind closed doors. On the race track? Far from it. The two giants of the NASCAR world battled each other relentlessly, resulting in a library of contentious moments and altercations. Rusty opens up about it and we find out how it played into a rivalry with a young Jeff Gordon.Dale Jr. says that if there is a Mount Rushmore of Motorsports rivalries, the Geoff Bodine / Dale Earnahrdt rivalry would be on it. Bodine details his side of one of the sport’s most talked about feuds.Last but not least, a colorful Jimmy Spencer gets down and dirty about his distain for Kurt Busch. How did "Mr. Excitement" get so mad that he punched Kurt Busch?ASKJr presented by XfinityBefore the rivalry talk Hannah Newhouse brought fan questions to Dale Jr. about: What track should host the Championship finale? What dream racecars would Dale Jr. like to test at North Wilkesboro? The mysterious red left front tire at Daytona in 2004. Lugs Harvey or Harry Hogg?

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