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347 - Jimmy Means: Racing to Survive

347 - Jimmy Means: Racing to Survive

The Dale Jr. Download - July 6, 2021 - 2:05:34

Dale Earnhardt Jr gets an opportunity to sit down with his favorite driver of all-time, a scrappy independent NASCAR driver named Jimmy Means. Growing up as a child Dale Jr was friends with Jimmy's son Brad. While running around the track, Dale became a huge fan of Jimmy Means and still is to this day. Dale finds out so much about his hero from his humble beginnings through the dirty-fingernail journey of a weekend warrior low-budget driver and car owner in the upper ranks of racing. How humble? His racing story started as a paperboy.The Alabama driver discusses his start on the local short tracks and how he took a junkyard car to the high banks of the Daytona International Speedway. He discusses what it was like going wheel to wheel with some of the sports' biggest stars while on a sliver of the budget as the big teams. That created challenges on and off the track that included buying what he stillthinks was a "hot" car, rooming 14-guys in a hotel room, sharing pit crews, and putting a racecar engine into the hauler to make it home from the track. Jimmy tells us how he got the nickname Smut in the first place and how it stuck.Jimmy opens up about his big opportunity to fill in for an ill Tim Richmond at Charlotte Motor Speedway and the disappointment that followed his one-and-done chance in top-notch equipment. Dale Jr. also reveals how emotional of a moment it was for both he and Jimmy's son. Means discusses how he filled in for Richmond but couldn't fill a certain area of his driver's suit. From that chance came real tears then relationships that helped Means along the way. He explains how Rick Hendrick, years later, was as generous of a person in the sport as any.Means towed on the road with a volunteer crew much of his racing career. That led to many fun moments and some that could've been really bad. He tells a story of a headache powder remedy gone wrong that has Dale and co-host Mike Davis in shock.Dale Jr. comes into the studio hot with a lot to talk about. Does Road America work a 4th of July replacement for Daytona? Were the cautions too long and should NASCAR make changes to lengthy road course yellows? Dale and Mike disagree about possible solutions. We also learn that Dale Jr likes "supportive emojis" and that he set off a fire alarm in his house at 1 AM.In AskJr presented by Xfinity, we get insight into what shooting an episode of Lost Speedways is like and answer fan questions about specific episodes of the Peacock TV Original show. We also learn who Dale's road racing mentors were helping him learn the nuances of left and right turns.That and a fun extra Jimmy Means story that we were able to squeak into Last Call. This episode of The Dale Jr. Download is packed full of tasty treats.

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