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340 – Andy Petree (Part 2): The Earnhardt Years

340 – Andy Petree (Part 2): The Earnhardt Years

The Dale Jr. Download - May 18, 2021 - 1:51:47

In Part 2 of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s conversation with championship winning crew chief Andy Petree, they dive into Petree’s time at Richard Childress Racing and his relationship with Dale Earnhardt. Before that, Dale Jr. and co-host Mike Davis cover a lot from Dale’s busy week. Dale took a long-awaited pilgrimage to Dawsonville, Georgia to interview the Elliott family. After Chase Elliott’s appearance on the Download in 2019, Dale and Mike took heat for comments made about Dawsonville. Dale clears the air, shares details about his trip and explains why he visited.It was not a happy morning in the Earnhardt household. Find out what big problems Dale came across in his home that have him stressed. He then discusses his weekend working on restoring a Nova Wagon that he posted about on social media. Find out where he got it from and what his plans are for it. Dale also made a trip to Nazareth, Pennsylvania last week to speak with Marco Andretti. Hear about his time with Marco and what peculiar passion Dale reveals. Then, a hint at what is coming soon on Lost Speedways season two.Part two of Dale and Mike’s conversation with Andy Petree picks up with Petree discussing leaving Leo Jackson and Harry Gant’s team. Hear his reason for departing, why it was one of the most difficult things he has ever had to do and what Gant revealed to him years later.Petree goes into detail about his transition to taking the ‘premiere crew chief job in the sport’ for Dale Earnhardt at Richard Childress Racing. Find out how the first meeting with Dale and Childress went and the buzzword that motivated the trio. Once at RCR, Andy shares the reaction from the team seeing him walk in and the resistance he initially faced.Early on, a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting between Dale, Richard and Andy forced the driver and crew chief to bond. Hear why they needed that and what happened later in the season when Andy brought the first car built under his direction to the race track.In 1994, Andy got to race Dale Sr.’s Busch Series car at Martinsville Speedway. Find out how the deal came together and the rival crew chief who performed the role for Petree.Both Dale Jr. and Andy were present at a test at Talladega Superspeedway in the mid-90s and both got time behind the wheel. Hear the advice Dale Sr. gave both of them and how Dale Jr. took it literally.Petree ultimately made the decision to leave the No. 3 team three years into his tenure as crew chief. Listen as he explains the one time offer he had to contemplate, the risk he was taking by leaving and if he regrets the choice he made.In his role as owner, Andy explains the challenges he faced and what ultimately happened to the organization. Then, he discusses leaving the sport for a handful of years before returning as a broadcaster. Hear how he got the opportunity and, what it was like jumping back into a competition role at Richard Childress Racing after ESPN left the sport.In Ask Jr. Presented by Xfinity, Dale shares an interesting Next Gen car analogy, talks about the deep thought he put behind joining Twitter and tells us why he wasn’t always a fan of in-car cameras.

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