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326 - Larry McReynolds: '98 Daytona 500

326 - Larry McReynolds: '98 Daytona 500

The Dale Jr. Download - February 10, 2021 - 1:35:42

Larry McReynolds returns for the highly anticipated part two of his conversation with Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the season premiere of The Dale Jr. Download.They dive into more of McReynold’s storied racing career as a crew chief and cover his time working with Dale Earnhardt. With the 2021 Daytona 500 just days away, they relive the Intimidator’s 1998 victory in the Great American Race.McReynolds offers candid commentary on what fueled his decision to leave Robert Yates Racing and join Richard Childress Racing for the 1997 season. He discusses the move, vast culture differences between the two organizations, and the initial expectations.Along with co-host Mike Davis, Earnhardt Jr. learns intricate details about what it was like to work with his dad. He also finds out about how the Intimidator approached trying new things behind the wheel and why it frustrated McReynolds.McReynolds details why the pairing never achieved the success they dreamed of and what Dale Sr. revealed to him years later about their time together.Find out what Dale Sr. did in the 1997 Daytona 500 that put McReynolds at a loss of words.From the process of building the car to testing it in preparation for the big race, America’s Crew Chief details everything the team went through leading up to the 1998 Daytona 500.What did Earnhardt Sr. admit to McReynolds after winning his duel race that changed their approach just days before the event? And what happened as the No. 3 car pulled onto the track for happy hour that made the team nervous heading into the race the next day?Plus, hear the story of the infamous lucky penny and what was happening as Earnhardt received it.Who dialed the No. 3 car’s radio during the race that nearly made McReynolds lose it? You’ll be surprised. Then, find out why the team held their breath as Earnhardt completed the final few laps under caution. Lastly, McReynolds reflects on the scene in victory lane and compares it to watching kids open presents on Christmas morning.In Ask Jr., fans inquire about the many new things in NASCAR for 2021 and get Earnhardt Jr.’s perspective on the charter system.Then, Earnhardt Jr. surprises everyone with details on Pablo Escobar’s racing career.

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