Stuckey and Chad talk how to bet conference tournaments

Stuckey and Chad talk how to bet conference tournaments

The Favorites Sports Betting Podcast - Part of The Action Network - March 12, 2019 - 36:48

First, Chad and Stuckey talk about how to get an edge in college basketball - how do you parse through all the data out there? What has changed since the advent of things like KenPom and (irony alert) The Action Network? Then, how does Stuckey spread out his bankroll over futures bets over conference tournaments? Why would he pick teams that he doesn't think will win their tournaments? Then, Stuckey gives you a sharp future pick for the Big 12 tournament, the PAC-12, and how to play those Duke Blue Devils.... and drops some serious #personalnews. And - If you stick around till the very end, there's details about how to RSVP to The Action Network's Las Vegas viewing party. (

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