NFL Week 8 with Scooch, Darren Rovell, and Simon Hunter

NFL Week 8 with Scooch, Darren Rovell, and Simon Hunter

The Favorites Sports Betting Podcast - Part of The Action Network - October 22, 2019 - 1:01:19

Chad and Bob Scucci get right into the action by breaking down how to bet when it comes to the Patriots, especially coming off their Monday Night Football beatdown of the New York Jets. They then continue into looking at the games during week 8 of the NFL, starting with Thursday’s matchup of the Redskins and Vikings. Will Minnesota cover that big spread at home? Chad and Scooch go over the rest of the week’s game and discuss how certain players’ health (Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, etc.) can influence how a line is determined. Chad then welcomes Darren Rovell to make their picks for the Super Contest. Simon Hunter joins in to give his input on which ones they should do and which ones they shouldn’t. The guys went 1-4 last week so they will try to get back into the winning ways in week 8. These topics and more on this week’s episode of The Favorites.

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