Exhausting A Place

Exhausting A Place

Exhausting A Place

The 11th - December 11, 2021 - 45:27

This month on the 11th, three people spend several hours (sometimes days) just sitting in one place. Watching. Listening. A cemetery in Virginia… a cafe in New York… a plaza in Mexico… It’s inspired by the book An Attempt At Exhausting A Place in Paris, by French author Georges Perec, who wrote that “nothing is happening all the time.” But what’s happening when nothing is happening? Something is happening, right? Exhausting A Place is an appreciation of stillness, wandering minds, and the power of observation.Special thanks to Chioke I’Anson, Emily Spivack, and Eric V. Ibarra.Original music by S Carey, Blue Dot Sessions and Green-House “Soft Meadow” Leaving Records

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The 11th is a podcast that publishes an entirely new issue on the 11th of every month. Inspired by the experience of opening a magazine you love every month and not knowing exactly what you will get, but trusting that something engaging and true will be there waiting for you. Many stories aren’t meant to be a 10-part series and don’t fit the format of a weekly show. The 11th is a home for those in-between ideas. Made up of reported series and personal journeys, fiction and musicals, deep investigative journalism and intimate conversations. Each issue, a different voice. Every month, something new.