Chris Williams and Cameron White

Chris Williams and Cameron White

The Gift of Forgiveness - July 22, 2020 - 31:48

Chris Williams was driving his family home from the ice cream shop one winter evening, when a drunk driver hit his car, totaling it, and killing his family. Chris sat among the wreckage, waiting for help to arrive and in that very moment, forgave the other driver.You can get a copy of Katherine's book, The Gift of Forgiveness, wherever books are sold.Photo by Johanna BrinckmanThis episode of The Gift of Forgiveness is sponsored by:Green Chef - Visit to get $80 off at checkout.Purple Mattress - Visit and use promo code "Forgive" for $150 off any mattress worth $1500 or more.

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The Gift of Forgiveness explores what forgiveness means, how it affects us mentally and physically, and what it takes to truly move on. Hosted by Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt and inspired by her book, The Gift of Forgiveness, these are the true stories of forgiveness from the people who’ve lived them. You’ll hear exclusive interviews from some of the people featured in Katherine’s book, and in-depth conversations with some of your favorite celebrities who share their own stories of forgiveness like you’ve never heard them before.