Talking Body with Amy Porterfield

10: Like A Girl

10: Like A Girl

Talking Body with Amy Porterfield - March 15, 2021 - 41:57

This week on Talking Body we are exploring gender identity - what does it mean to live your life "like a girl" and why do so many people have (loud) opinions about it? To get to the bottom of body policing and gender dynamics, Amy enlists the help of author and activist Eli Erlick, who's written multiple papers on the subject. Along the way the two women have a surprising conversation about loving your body while wanting to change it - with a little help from Michel Foucault.Follow our guest Eli Erlick on her Instagram! a FREE guide to build successful habits for your life and business? Check it out here -> listen to Amy's other podcast all about online marketing, click here ->

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Amy Porterfield has experienced massive success in both her business and personal life, but behind every accomplishment lingered a nagging suspicion that she wasn’t living up to some invisible standard of how she should look. Now she’s on a mission to discover exactly where that little voice inside her head came from, and - together with some new friends and fresh perspectives - how she can vanquish it once and for all. New episodes premiere every Monday.