Emoni Bates, Rich Paul Lawsuit, Jake Paul + Dan Wetzel

Emoni Bates, Rich Paul Lawsuit, Jake Paul + Dan Wetzel

Takeline - August 31, 2021 - 1:14:00

This week on Takeline, Jason and Renee react to the Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley fight (00:56) and give their thoughts on the news that Nerlens Noel is suing Rich Paul (11:00). Later in the show, Renee and Jason talk to Dan Wetzel (32:36) about five-star high school basketball player Emoni Bates committing to the University of Memphis. Finally, Take Survivor (53:46) is back!Don’t forget to smash the subscribe button at http://youtube.com/takelineshow for exclusive video clips and to watch ALL CAPS NBA. New episodes every Friday!Take Crooked's listener survey: crooked.com/surveyFor a transcript of this episode, please visit crooked.com/takeline.

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