Miles Chamley-Watson: Olympic Fencer and Model

Miles Chamley-Watson: Olympic Fencer and Model

Suiting Up with Paul Rabil - June 26, 2017

Miles Chamley-Watson (MCW) was born in London in 1989. He's taken a non-traditional route to a Top 10 world ranking fencer, now Team USA member, and competitor in the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics. He's 6'5, 185 lbs, an African British-American, with dyed blonde hair and tattoos head-to-toe. Definitely not your stereotypical fencer. That's what makes MCW stand out to us. He's pushing an archaic sport to all new heights, leveraging mass sponsorship deals with Nike, Red Bull, GoPro, and now approaching Japanese-based brands, where fencing is considered a mainstream sport. MCW has vision. He's grown his social media presence by 10x over the past 18 months, far beyond his fencing peers (follow him on instagram @MChamleyWatson). His duality? MCW is also a model, represented by IMG Modeling Agency. He's done global campaigns and has been featured on a 300 foot Times Square Billboard. We discuss all of the aforementioned, including time management, training schedules, and the complex of winning and losing amidst promotional growth.

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