Julie Foudy: USA Soccer Captain and Author

Julie Foudy: USA Soccer Captain and Author

Suiting Up with Paul Rabil - June 12, 2017

"Be courageous enough to stop worrying about being perfect." In this episode, we talk about leadership through adversity, playing in the moment, avoiding underselling yourself, and focusing on the significance of what you do - rather than calculating your success in wins and losses. Julie Foudy is a two-time FIFA Women's World Cup Champion and Olympic gold medalist. She played for Team USA for 17 years, registering 271 caps (on-field appearances). She captained the teams' she played for, was inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame, and became the first female ever to be awarded the FIFA Fair Play Award. Today, Julie's a lead color commentator for men's and women's soccer on ESPN, a SportsCenter anchor, and best-selling author of her new book, Choose to Matter: Being Courageously and Fabulously YOU. She's energetic, articulate, intellectually curious, and funny. Welcome to Suiting Up, where professional lacrosse player, operator and investor, Paul Rabil, talks to influencers within the world of sports to examine the modern duality of a professional athlete.

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