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31: Talking Through the Hard Stuff with Mrs. Maria Shelton

31: Talking Through the Hard Stuff with Mrs. Maria Shelton

Straight Up with Trent Shelton - July 8, 2020 - 28:10

What up Rehabbers, today I’m sitting down with a very special guest on the podcast to get real about our life during quarantine, That’s right, I invited my wife, the lovely and eloquent Maria Shelton, to work through a list of things we are and could be doing for each other to keep sane. The conversation veers in many different directions, because relationships aren’t always clear-cut, but we hope you enjoy this very real look into our lives.Make sure you follow Maria @maria.shelton on Instagram!Why aren't we texting buddies yet? Hit me up at (817) 242-2719 to get some motivation straight to your phone, as well as cool perks like advanced copies of my new book, the ability to suggest podcast topics, and who knows, maybe meeting up for a hike ;)It's Rehab Time. Let's Get It.--My brand new book Straight Up comes out this summer, and it’s available right now for preorder! All you have to do is go to and get your guaranteed copy. I cannot wait until the world gets this book! If you love my videos, if you love this podcast, I promise you you're going to love this book. And, this book is not just for adults; it’s for everyone, including young people! If you sign up to preorder Straight Up, you will get a ton of cool incentives, including exclusive video content from me! Tag me on social media with your preorders. Who knows? I might even give you something in the DM :)Do you wish you could be in my inner circle? Now you can with my super in-depth coaching program, called (you guessed it) Trent's Inner Circle. Members of my coaching program get exclusive access to tailored content, LIVE Q&A sessions, monthly checkpoints, and more! Joining my inner circle will provide you with a zap of energy and new break-through strategies to keep you at the top of your game. Visit to access a short video and learn what coaching can do for YOU.

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