Flashback Episode: Did Rachel Let Jackson Watch Grey's Anatomy?! (no.)

Flashback Episode: Did Rachel Let Jackson Watch Grey's Anatomy?! (no.)

Start Today Morning Show - November 18, 2019 - 35:46

Happy Monday! Enjoy this episode from the archives where Rach and Dave chat off the cuff about everything from candies they hate to perfect girl's night agendas to Jackson's... interesting tv show requests.Come hang out with us weekdays LIVE at 8AM CST on Facebook and Instagram, and catch up on episodes you missed here!--If you loved this episode, you'll also love my two live monthly classes. Life coaching, for those looking to improve in their relationships, health, and personal life, and business coaching, for growing a revenue base, finding new clients, and marketing effectively. Find out more about the coaching community and how you can be a part of it ---> thehollisco.com/coaching

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