50: In Praise of Rachel's Arm Divots

50: In Praise of Rachel's Arm Divots

Start Today Morning Show - November 5, 2019 - 36:45

It's the day before the first ever RISE Business conference and we are gearing up for the fire with the return of the green smoothie (plus a few new ingredients)! Here on the morning show that absolutely not one person is talking about we're discussing the power of the arm divot (and their appearance in Dave's upcoming book), Demi Moore's tell-all memoir, the HoCo shop launch (merch is moving fast, get it while you can!), and how it's only a mistake if you don't learn from it.Come hang out with us weekdays LIVE at 8AM CST on Facebook and Instagram, and catch up on episodes you missed here!--Listen, I get it! I spent years struggling to grow and scale my small business, desperate for the knowledge that would help me grow my profit and be a better leader for my team and my family. After attending countless business conferences over the years and speaking at even more I became aware of something that was missing. I wanted to create a business conference that was TACTICAL and INSPIRING. I wanted attendees to leave feeling UNSTOPPABLE and EMPOWERED by all of the new tools in their tool kit. That's why I created the RISE Business Conference. I am positive this conference will be the most impactful event I’ve ever done because when someone learns to successfully grow their business, it changes their lives --and their families lives-- for generations. Over 4,500 men and women have already booked their seats at our last event of 2019, get yours today ---> https://thehollisco.com/pages/rise-businessIf you loved this episode, you'll also love my two live monthly classes. Life coaching, for those looking to improve in their relationships, health, and personal life, and business coaching, for growing a revenue base, finding new clients, and marketing effectively. Find out more about the coaching community and how you can be a part of it ---> thehollisco.com/coaching

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