78: Hacking Motivation in the Absence of Carrots [Hawaii Bonus Episode]

78: Hacking Motivation in the Absence of Carrots [Hawaii Bonus Episode]

Start Today Morning Show - January 5, 2020 - 33:23

Happy New Year, everyone! As we all enter the new decade, Rachel and Dave want to remind you how important focusing on your mental health FIRST is essential to reaching the rest of your goals. Find something that motivates you, chase it relentlessly, and remember that you can't always count on the people you love to support you unconditionally.Come hang out with us weekdays LIVE at 8AM CST on Facebook and Instagram (except this week), and catch up on episodes you missed here!--Y'all. We are still pinching ourselves about the latest news out of our podcast network - Trent freakin' Shelton is launching a brand new show with the Hollis Company! That's right, Straight Up with Trent Shelton debuts on December 4th and will drop new episodes EVERY WEDNESDAY! Trent is going to bring honest, raw, life-changing wisdom straight from his heart to your ears on a weekly basis. His style is so unique, his message so powerful, we just KNOW this is going to be your new must-listen podcast. Subscribe to Straight Up with Trent Shelton on iTunes, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts by clicking this link!

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