James Andrew Miller and 2 Sports Media Roundtables

James Andrew Miller and 2 Sports Media Roundtables

James Andrew Miller and 2 Sports Media Roundtables

Sports Media with Richard Deitsch - April 9, 2018 - 1:56:06

Episode 1 of the Sports Media podcast with Richard Deitsch features a conversation with writer James Andrew Miller, the best-selling author of books on CAA, ESPN and Saturday Night Live as well as sports media roundtables with The Athletic Bay Area editor Tim Kawakami, BSO founder and editor Robert Littal, SB Nation writer Charlotte Wilder and Boston Globe sports media writer Chad Finn. In this podcast, Miller discusses the new ESPN morning show, Get Up!” and its struggling ratings; why the show likely has plenty or runway before ESPN execs make a decision on it; whether The Hollywood Reporter story on Get Up! and the reveal of the salaries of the hosts hurt the show before launch; Miller’s interview with John Skipper where the former ESPN president admitted he resigned because he was a cocaine user and was being extorted for that use; whether Miller should have asked Skipper who was extorting him; how the interview came together; whether Skipper is looking or a return to sports media, and much more. Kawakami and Littal discuss the television possibilities of the NBA playoffs; why Get Up! has not worked; whether Wrestlemania 34 was a success as a production; the stories on Patrick Reed after he won the Masters; why Robert thinks The Athletic should do more UFC and boxing, and more. The final roundtable features SB Nation Charlotte Wilder and Boston Globe media columnist Chad Finn. Wilder and Finn discuss Facebook’s exclusive MLB broadcasts and how sports fans view Facebook; Wilder’s piece on watching Wrestlemania 34; Finn’s thoughts on the Sunday Night Baseball booth; CBS’s Masters coverage; and predictions for all the major Boston sports teams. You can subscribe to this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher and more.

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