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Cowboys hype, LaMelo Ball, Jon Gruden, Mahomes' preseason

Cowboys hype, LaMelo Ball, Jon Gruden, Mahomes' preseason

Speak For Yourself - August 18, 2021 - 1:28:17

00:00 Worried the Cowboys are more hype than substance?19:01 Is PHI DB calling Cam “checkdown king” during joint practice something or nothing?30:50 Any issue with LaMelo Ball saying “we don’t need school”?41:20 Who’s at fault for Kevin Durant leaving the Warriors?1:00:21 Has Mike McCarthy built a “winning culture” in Dallas?1:10:58 NYG owner John Mara: “Nobody wants to see a player taunting another player.”1:17:00 Has Jon Gruden been a disappointment with the Raiders?1:23:47 Any reason for Patrick Mahomes to play in the preseason?1:27:29 More confident in the Nets or Lakers?

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