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Yankees Legend, Bernie Williams

Yankees Legend, Bernie Williams

Speak For Yourself - May 22, 2021 - 1:07:12

Hey Speak For Yourself listeners! Introducing a brand new FOX Sports podcast: Flippin’ Bats with Ben Verlander. On the Flippin’ Bats pod, expect candid 1-on-1 interviews with players from your favorite MLB teams and talk about the current state of baseball. Subscribe here: sprtspod.fox/cfk7fxrn4x World Series champion Bernie Williams joins Ben Verlander’s clubhouse to discuss: his favorite memory from each World Series he played in, being on Seinfeld with Derek Jeter and his new career as a guitarist. Plus, Pedro Moura stops by to discuss Albert Pujols signing with the Dodgers & Manny Machado’s controversial slide and Ben introduces a brand new weekly segment called ‘This week in Shohei Ohtani news.'

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