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KD's triple-double, Paul George, Nets/Bucks, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers

KD's triple-double, Paul George, Nets/Bucks, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers

Speak For Yourself - June 16, 2021 - 1:28:33

00:00 Does Acho owe Kevin Durant an apology after his triple-double last night?21:21 How much faith do you have in Paul George?30:28 Any problem with Giannis saying KD is the “best player in the world right now”?46:23 Impressed with the Nets or disappointed in the Bucks?56:27 Did Kevin Durant prove he’s the best player in the world?1:07:47 Is Russell Wilson trying too hard to quiet the noise?1:16:22 Does Aaron Rodgers look petty with his latest comments & “I’m Offended” shirt?1:21:38 Is the Bucks/Nets series over?1:27:05 Who wins tonight: Clippers or Jazz?

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