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Bucks win Game 4, CP3, Lamar Jackson, Ezekiel Elliott, Seahawks

Bucks win Game 4, CP3, Lamar Jackson, Ezekiel Elliott, Seahawks

Speak For Yourself - July 15, 2021 - 1:28:50

00:00 Biggest reason the Bucks won Game 4?13:50 How much does the Suns’ loss fall on Chris Paul?30:27 Do you like Lamar Jackson’s defense of his viral asphalt video?44:14 Who is the most important player in the Finals going forward?54:45 Confident Ezekiel Elliott has a bounce-back season?1:07:53 More confident in the Suns or Bucks winning the Finals?1:19:47 How should we feel about the Seahawks this year?1:24:25 Better block: Giannis’ last night or LeBron’s in ’16?1:27:50 More wasted 40-pt night: Giannis in Game 2 or Booker in Game 4?

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