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Patriots, Jerry Jones + Jason Garrett, Saints, Kawhi Leonard, Browns

Patriots, Jerry Jones + Jason Garrett, Saints, Kawhi Leonard, Browns

Speak For Yourself - December 31, 2019 - 1:04:16

-Which playoff statement is more true: Patriots are the 11th best team or Brady is the 11th best QB? (00:32)-Do you like how Jerry is handling the Jason Garrett situation? (15:56)-Are the Saints actually better than the Ravens? (24:38)-Is the beef between Kyle Kuzma’s trainer and LeBron James something or nothing? (31:22)-Do you have an issue with Kawhi winning AP’s Male Athlete of the Year award over Lamar Jackson? (38:51)-Is Cleveland parting ways with GM John Dorsey and HC Freddie Kitchens good or bad for Baker Mayfield? (54:14)-Do you trust Jerry Jones to get it right on the next head coach? (59:22)

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