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Dak's confidence, Nets, Bears QB situation, LeBron James, Carson Wentz

Dak's confidence, Nets, Bears QB situation, LeBron James, Carson Wentz

Speak For Yourself - May 18, 2021 - 1:28:00

00:00 Is Dak Prescott overconfident?17:42 Would anything less than a title be a disappointment for the Nets?32:57 Is “diva” criticism of star QBs justified?44:04 Any problem with Matt Nagy saying “Andy is the starter” over Justin Fields?54:27 Should LeBron still be worried about his critics?1:06:33 Like Kyle Shanahan leaving the door open for Trey Lance?1:11:12 Is it fair to say Carson Wentz is “broken”?1:18:52 Buying the Clippers intentionally lost to avoid the Lakers?1:22:47 Wiley & Acho discuss Kwame Brown’s comments defending himself against criticism of his NBA career.

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