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Lakers/Suns Game 5 preview, Naomi Osaka, Kevin Durant + Kyrie Irving, Mahomes vs. Rodgers

Lakers/Suns Game 5 preview, Naomi Osaka, Kevin Durant + Kyrie Irving, Mahomes vs. Rodgers

Speak For Yourself - June 1, 2021 - 1:28:54

00:00 Is tonight a must-win game for the Lakers?16:53 Should we still force athletes to speak to the media?38:45 Is Kevin Durant the best player in the NBA?50:41 Should Jimmy G still have “significant support” with the 49ers?1:04:27 More confident in the Lakers or Clippers winning the West right now?1:10:00 LeBron’s agent Rich Paul in new interview: Race factors into my representation opportunities.1:21:49 Is Kyrie Irving taking too much heat for the logo stomp?1:24:50 Should Mahomes be scared of Aaron Rodgers joining the AFC West?1:27:26 Who will win: Lakers or Suns?Get your free LMNT Sample Pack: DrinkLMNT.com/SpeakLMNT replaces essential electrolytes with no sugar, no coloring, no artificial ingredients, or any other junk. As a Speak For Yourself listener, you can claim your free LMNT Sample Pack - you only cover the cost of shipping.

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