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Rodgers' report, Virginia wins Natty, Kyrie + LeBron, KD's Knicks?

Rodgers' report, Virginia wins Natty, Kyrie + LeBron, KD's Knicks?

Speak For Yourself - April 9, 2019 - 1:05:00

-Who do you believe more: Aaron Rodgers or Bleacher Report? (00:14)-Think Rodgers has learned anything from this drama? (9:36)-Did Virginia get lucky with their national title run? (14:59)-Smart for Cowboys to publicly ask Dak to take hometown discount? (21:47)-Think NBA stars are tired of LeBron? (39:44)-Should Kevin Durant be hesitant about joining Knicks? (50:31)-What percent chance do you give Kyrie returning to LeBron? (55:05)-Think Lonzo is trying to separate himself from LaVar? (57:18)

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