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LeBron's coach?, Duke prevails, Gronk is done?, BBB saga

LeBron's coach?, Duke prevails, Gronk is done?, BBB saga

Speak For Yourself - March 25, 2019 - 1:05:58

-Is Duke a better story than the actual team? (00:18)-Good for tourney that no Cinderellas remain? (9:43)-More on Tom Izzo incident last week. (14:11)-Is Gronk the best TE ever? (23:55)-Proposed rule would give NFL office more power to eject players; good or bad idea? (26:41)-Will Steelers regret siding with Big Ben? (31:33)-Was the fall of BBB inevitable? (44:44)-Are LaVar Ball's '15 minutes of fame' up? (52:17)-Would Jason Kidd be a good fit for LeBron's Lakers? (56:40)

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