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Lakers, Saints, Dak's deal, Russell Wilson, Jimmy G, Browns

Lakers, Saints, Dak's deal, Russell Wilson, Jimmy G, Browns

Speak For Yourself - October 13, 2020 - 1:27:53

00:00 Betting on LeBron’s Lakers repeating next season? 14:45 Is Sean Payton mishandling Drew Brees?27:45 Should Dak regret not signing a long-term deal?43:26 Is Anthony Davis clearly LeBron’s best teammate?53:27 How will injury impact Dak’s contract negotiations?1:07:51 Is Russell Wilson already an all-time great?1:18:45 Should the 49ers move on from Jimmy G?1:22:58 Is it time to take the Browns seriously?1:26:40 Uncle Jimmy joins

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