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Paul George, Scottie Pippen's comments, Cam vs. Jones, Ben Simmons, Bucks

Paul George, Scottie Pippen's comments, Cam vs. Jones, Ben Simmons, Bucks

Speak For Yourself - June 29, 2021 - 1:20:20

00:00 Is Paul George unfairly criticized?21:43 Wiley & Echo discuss Scottie Pippen’s comments about Phil Jackson.33:48 Confident Cam will win the starting job over Mac Jones?46:31 Should Giannis care about being the Bucks’ closer?1:01:06 Does Ben Simmons need to the skip the Olympics?1:09:07 Thoughts on Cam Newton saying “if the hate ain’t in my focus, I don’t feed it. I feed off of it”?1:14:25 Who is more valuable to the Bucks’ success: Giannis or Middleton?1:18:52 How good should Wiley feel about the Clippers heading into Game 6?

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