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Steph Curry's value, Ravens, Dolphins, Chiefs, Mike Tomlin's extension

Steph Curry's value, Ravens, Dolphins, Chiefs, Mike Tomlin's extension

Speak For Yourself - April 20, 2021 - 1:17:39

00:00 Is Steph Curry the most valuable player in the NBA?19:38 Have the Ravens set up Lamar Jackson to fail?34:53 Are the Dolphins smart building around Tua?45:08 Can an NFL player be an “international superstar”?56:10 Should the Chiefs be clear favorites to win the AFC?1:03:34 How should the Ravens handle Lamar’s looming contract extension?1:11:06 Did Mike Tomlin deserve a 3-year extension?1:15:36 Love or hate Kuzma’s comments about AD’s return?

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